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JSC TVEL presented a graphic version of its annual report for 2012

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On September 17, JSC TVEL held a training seminar Key Aspects in Annual Reports (AR) Preparation of JSC TVEL and its subsidiaries and affiliate companies. Konstantin Sokolov, Vice-President, Sergey Nakvasin, Business Area Director of State Concern DA-Strategiya, his colleagues Valentina Yakhnina and Sergey Golovachev, as well as representatives of Fuel Company subsidiaries took part in the seminar.

Agenda of the seminar included discussion of key indices of annual reporting, inspection results of annual reports of JSC TVEL and its subsidiaries and affiliate companies, as well as planning problems in preparation of AR for this year.

One of the main objectives of the meeting was to enhance mutual consistency of annual reports of JSC TVEL and its subsidiaries and affiliate companies. In particular, it was noted that there were certain discrepancies in regard to structure, indices and several other parameters between AR of JSC TVEL and its subsidiaries for the year 2012.

In the course of the seminar its participants discussed means to eliminate discrepancies, heard reports, delivered by representatives of State Concern DA-Strategiya, on public reporting system of Rosatom State Corporation, project management for integrated report preparation, etc.

Within the framework of the seminar a graphic version of annual report of JSC TVEL for 2012 was presented. The report is styled as an educational guide under the headline Theory and Skills of Winning: all its elements, including typography decorative components, are styled after a well-known physics schoolbook of 1970-80s. The same style can also be traced in charts, printing paper was chosen in accordance with the general concept. Abstract to AR states the following: General data, photos of key persons and events, charts for financial activities and production results indices are given in this report. And even more. This report reflects hopes and aspirations, victories and achievements of the Company for the last year, as well as ambitions and plans for the future.

Numerous times JSC TVEL became a winner in field and national reporting competitions. In 2009 JSC TVEL won XII Annual Reports Competition held by Russian Trading System Stock Exchange in the category Best Report of a State Corporation/State Company and became an awarded winner of XI Yearly Competition of Annual Reports, organized by Rating Agency Expert RA in a special category Progress of the Year of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Annual Report of JSC TVEL for 2010 won in the category For Development of Non-Financial Reporting in Nuclear Field of Russian National Competition Best Russian Enterprises. Dynamics, Efficiency, Responsibility 2010 (organized by Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs).

In 2010 Fuel Company became the winner of Annual Reports Field Competition, held yearly by Rosatom State Corporation among civil nuclear companies. Moreover at the Competition of Annual Reports, organized by Rating Agency Expert RA, TVEL FC was awarded with Grand Prix for its contribution into integrated reporting development.

In 2011 at the competition organized by Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and Russian Trading System annual report of JSC TVEL won in the category Best Annual Report of a State Company/State Corporation.

Last year at XV Annual Reports Competition according to Russian Trading System and Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange JSC TVEL won in the category Best Integrated Report, and was also awarded with a special international prize, created by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ().

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