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TVEL, Fuel Company has completed the main restructuring stage within the framework of the new programme “New Image”

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TVEL, Fuel Company of Rosatom has completed the main restructuring stage at its enterprises in the context of the programme “New Image” that is focused on increased labour productivity, cost saving and higher salaries for employees of the enterprises. Within the framework of restructuring, non-core and auxiliary departments have been transformed into affiliated companies; part of the services has been outsourced. For the past 20 months the total economic effect of the programme implementation made up more than 4,5 billion roubles. The results of the programme “New Image” showed the increase in the labour productivity form 15 per cent to 50 per cent at different enterprises of the Fuel company; the average forecast value for the current year accounts for 27,8 per cent. Within the framework of corporate programmes, we created more favourable conditions for work and development of the staff, tried to attract young qualified specialists, increased salaries. Thus, in the year 2010 the average salary at the enterprises of the Fuel Company accounted for 34 thousand roubles. In the year 2011, it is planned to rise to 43,5 thousand roubles with the annual bonus that exceeds the last year figure by 27,9 per cent and the 2008 year figure – by 38 per cent. The average salary of the employees at our enterprises is considerably higher (from 38 per cent to 85 per cent) than the average level at relevant regional labour markets. Last year the company spent 27,2 billion roubles to develop the production and hold the activities in the context of the investment activity programme of TVEL, JSC. In the year 2011 the company is planning to invest about 39 billion roubles in the enhancement of production capacities of the enterprises and the development of the scientific potential. All modifications, including that of enterprises restructuring, transformation of non-core and auxiliary departments into affiliated companies and also outsourcing were made with due consideration of all social factors. In the year 2010 gross tax payments, jointly paid by TVEL, Fuel Company into different level budgets made up 24,5 billion roubles. It is planned to substantially increase the amount of such payments this year against the background of higher rate of insurance fees and further increase in the remuneration of labour. As a result of the restructuring that is being carried out in close cooperation with the local authority bodies, new business operators appear and workplaces are opened in the operation areas of TVEL, Fuel company; the business activity is increased that causes the unemployment level to decrease. For instance, in Angarsk in the year 2009 the unemployment level accounted for 1,46 per cent of the working population. In the year 2010, during the period of the active restructuring phase of Angarsk Electrolytic Chemical Plant (Angarsky Elektrolizny Khimichesky Kombinat) this figure dropped by more than half. As to Kovrov City: last year unemployment level dropped from 2,5 per cent to 1,1 per cent. The other cities in the operation level of the Fuel Company, including Closed Administrative Territorial Formations are no exception. In Seversk City the number of people signed up for unemployment exchange has decreased from 3 per cent to 1,7 per cent; in Novouralsk City – from 4 per cent to 3,1 per cent, in Zelenogorsk City – from 1,4 per cent to 1,3 per cent. Currently within the framework of the Fuel Division of Rosatom development new science intensive innovation production plans are being implemented at the enterprises. As a result of these projects implementation (nanocoatings, nanowires, cathode materials, nanocatalysts) it is planned to create about two thousand new workplaces by the year 2013 and about three thousand new workplaces by the year 2015. Metallurgical, machine-building and chemical industrial centers are being created on the basis of the company’s enterprises, as the points of growth of the innovative non-nuclear production. We shall continue performing the tasks of increase in production efficiency. Thus, the Production system “Rosatom” is being actively implemented. The System is aimed at the constant improvement of the current stage of the workplaces, technologies, production, business processes. The essence of this Programme is to optimize the technological operations to such an extent that will make the work less labour-consuming and will increase the efficiency. The end result that we aim at is to increase the productivity and satisfy the client’s demands. The economic benefit of innovation implementation within the framework of Rosatom Production System development project accounted for 664 million roubles in the years 2010-2011 with the labour productivity in the production core increasing on the average by more than 30 per cent. The expected total effect of such innovations implementation within the framework of Rosatom Production System development project shall reach 800,3 mln. by the end of the current year. Currently the company pays close attention to the scientific-technical and constructive activity. The specialists of the company are currently developing the next generation of centrifuges of a brand-new level; licensed campaigns of new fuel generation for West pattern reactors TVS-Kvadrat are already being carried out, cooperation with Rusnano, OJSC is being developed. Several projects of the Rosatom Fuel Company enterprises have already been approved by RUSNANO Board of Directors. Information: TVEL, Fuel Company of Rosatom is a part of a vertically integrated structure of Russian atomic sector. Fuel Company TVEL joins production and scientific assets in the sphere of nuclear fuel fabrication, separating and sublimate complex, and in production of gas centrifuges and related equipment. TVEL Fuel Company was established in order to assure optimal management structure of nuclear fuel cycle enterprise, to increase efficiency of their work and competitiveness on the global market.

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