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Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation Petr Kolarzh visited OJSC "MSZ"

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Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation, Petr Kolarzh visited OJSC Mashinostroitelny Zavod (Elektrostal, Moscow region, part of the Fuel company Rosatom TVEL). Czech Republic delegation consisted of Czech sales representative in Russia Bohuslav Streyts, the president of JCS ALTA Vladimir Plashil and the head of ALTA sales department Toplivnye Kassety Yosef Belach. Diplomatic guest was accompanied at the plant by OJCS TVEL Vice President Vasily Konstantinov, General Director of OJSC MSZ Oleg Sedelnikov, OJSC MSZ Chief technology officer Igor Petrov, TVEL divisions representatives and plant experts. The delegation visited the divisions on fuel production for nuclear power plants of Czech Republic. Petr Kolarzh showed interest in the technological processes of fuel pellets, fuel elements and fuel assemblies manufacturing. It is important for us that we observed not only preserving of our cooperation traditions, but also new prospects for its development, based on the principles of mutual trust and mutually beneficial partnership, - said Petr Kolarzh. - The development of nuclear energy is our future, and this is a serious work. We have been successfully working with Russian colleagues for a long time, and our cooperation has a huge potential. We have observed new technologies, process rationalization and optimization. Russian colleagues are important partners for us. Exploitation of the Russian fuel has shown the possibility to continue the life of other stations built in the EU countries Slovakia, Hungary Czech diplomat said. Commenting on the visit of the Czech Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Delegation to the Russian Federation, vice president of OJSC TVEL Vasily Konstantinov emphasized the importance of the event both for the enterprise and the Fuel company Rosatom TVEL. It is important that the leaders of the highest rank understood not only that the Fuel Company is a reliable supplier of nuclear fuel, but also showed interest in the very process of products manufacturing, in the ways, technologies and methods that provide the security and reliability of the fuel in the reactor - said Vladimir Konstantinov. The vice-president of OJSC TVEL noted that a full load of the Temelin NPP first unit with fuel produced at Electrostal Company in 2010 was a significant event and has already shown good results. In 2011, the fuel will be supplied to the second block of the NPP, thus Russian fuel will completely replace the American. OJSC Mashinostroitelny zavod is a manufacturer of VVER-440 (Water-Water Energetic Reactor) fuel for 4 NPP Dukovany units and of VVER-1000 fuel for 1st and 2nd NPP Temelin units (the supplies started in December 2009 under the contract of 2006 between JSC

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