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От имени Чепецкого механического завода в адрес предприятий и организаций стали приходить поддельные документы (срочные уведомления, заявки на аукционы и т.п.).

Неизвестные лица рассылают фиктивные заявки о проведении аукционов (например, на право заключения договора поставки нержавеющего металлопроката для нужд АО ЧМЗ). При этом, мошенники используют подложные бланки, несуществующую печать АО ЧМЗ, ставят поддельные подписи действующих сотрудников коммерческой службы, а также подписываются сотрудниками вымышленных отделов (например, отдел закупок срочных аукционов АО ЧМЗ).

Официально заявляем, что Чепецкий механический завод к такого рода документам не имеет никакого отношения.

Убедительно просим проверять поступающую документацию, якобы направленную от имени АО ЧМЗ. Для проверки информации необходимо связываться с официальными коммерческими службами Чепецкого механического завода по тел. (341-41) 9-64-22.
Пример поддельного документа

TVEL subsidiary contracts supplies of nuclear fuel components for research reactor in Egypt

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Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (NCCP, an enterprise of TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom) and the Egyptian Atomic Energy Agency (EAEA) signed the contractual documents for supplies of another batch of the low-enriched fuel components to Egypt in 2021.

The supplies are carried out under the long-term frame contract for exports of Russian-made nuclear fuel components for ETRR-2 reactor concluded between NCCP and EAEA under coordination of TVEL Fuel Company. The products range includes uranium components, as well as products made of the aluminum alloy, and aluminum powder.

The first shipments under this contract were performed in 2020. Due to the close and efficient cooperation between the Customer and the Supplier, NCCP successfully fulfilled the contractual obligations despite the COVID-19 related restrictions.

“The Egyptian Customer is completely satisfied with the execution of the contract. In 2020, under the Customer’s request, some of the products were shipped even ahead of the schedule. Moreover, under last year’s lockdown restrictions in Europe, unprecedented efforts were made to fulfill TVEL’s contracts for supply of our fuel for research reactors to the Czech Republic and Hungary, and they were fully accomplished. Under any circumstances, the customer-oriented approach remains the key priority of the Fuel Division of Rosatom,” Aleksey Zhiganin, Director General of NCCP, commented.

ETRR-2, a research reactor of Argentinian design, is based at the Nuclear Research Center in Inshas, Egypt. It is used for research in particle physics and material studies, as well as for production of radioisotopes. 

For reference:

The prospects of TVEL’s business development in Egypt also embrace supply of nuclear fuel to all four power units of the 4800 MWe El Dabaa NPP for the entire operation period, the fuel contract came into force in 2017.

Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant PJSC (NCCP, Novosibirsk) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of nuclear fuel for NPPs (nuclear power plants) and research reactors in Russia and foreign countries. It is also the Russian manufacturer of lithium metal and its salts. The Plant is the Member of TVEL Fuel Company under the Rosatom State Corporation.

TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom (Fuel Division of the Rosatom State Corporation) includes enterprises for fabrication of nuclear fuel; conversion and enrichment of uranium, production of gas centrifuges. It also includes the research and development organizations. TVEL is the only supplier of nuclear fuel for Russian nuclear power plants; moreover, it supplies, in total, the fuel for 75 power reactors in 15 countries, and for the research reactors in 9 countries of the world, as well as for the fleet reactors of the Russian nuclear fleet. Every sixth power reactor in the world runs on TVEL fuel. The Fuel Division of Rosatom is the world's largest manufacturer of the enriched uranium.

The Fuel Division is actively developing new business lines in chemistry, metallurgy, energy storage technologies, 3D printing, digital products, as well as decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Recently, the TVEL Fuel Company structure was enlarged by the Rosatom's branch integrators for additive technologies and energy storage systems. http://www.tvel.ru

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